Rilis Terbaru 2021: Daftar Film Tentang Judi terbaik!

Latest Release 2021: List of The Best Gambling Movies!

List of the Best Gambling Movies in the world are always interesting and up to date. The topic made into a film continues to experience innovation. Even with the technology it uses. Including, among others, films about gambling. There is a special excitement when enjoying the attractions of the actors in playing their roles.

Recommendation of The Best Gambling Movies

21 (2008)

The first list of best gambling movies is 21. Film 21 was actually released on March 28, 2008. It’s been quite a while, but it’s still fun to watch. This film tells the story of a Ben, played by Jim Sturgess. He is a bright student and plans to continue his medical studies at Harvard.

So how did he get into the world of gambling?

Read the review; 21: Dynamics of Gambling Mathematics Expert Student

Casino Royale (2006)

The film Casino Royal, that is on our best gambling movies list was the beginning of the 007 agent film James Bond. Released on April 13, 1953. In this Casino Royale scenario, the character, James Bond, is on a special mission. He was assigned to a casino in France, Royale-les-Eaux.

Its mission is to bankrupt the mafia syndicate that is behind the ruthless Russian agents. Which has given a lot of people a nightmare at the gambling table.

Killing Them Softly (2012)

Personally, I like this one film about gambling the most. Killing Them Softly!

One of our list of best gambling movies is a film adapted from the novel published in 1974 entitled Cogan’s Trade. The work of the author named George V. Higgins. This film tells about law enforcement which of course includes the figure of gamblers.

Read the full review: Killing Them Softly, Criminal Drama at the Gambling House

Molly’s Game (2017)

Molly’s Game is our next best gambling movies to be discussed. film that tells the story of a female gambler. The film, which is based on a non-fiction book by Molly Bloom, is very interesting because it has a storyline that is not boring.

In this film, it is told how Molly rose from her adversity because she failed to become an international ski athlete. He decided to come to Las Vegas and start his life story.

Curious? Read the review here: Molly’s Game, the Epic Story of A Female Gambling Bookie

Runner Runner (2013)

As one of our list of best gambling movies, Runner Runner tells about a student who is addicted to online gambling. At one point, Richie went bankrupt. After being investigated it turned out that he was cheated in the system.

He also decided to meet the owner of an online gambling site. This decision is not right because it threatens his safety. How is the next story?

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Owning Mahowny (2003)

Owning Mahony, one of list of best gambling movies, is a film that was released in 2003. This film tells the story of a gambling player who is determined to steal to pay off his debt at the gambling table.

This story is based on a true story in Toronto. Thanks to its satisfying production, Owning Mahony won many awards at the 24th Genie Awards. Isn’t that interesting?

Mississipi Grind (2015)

Next film that is on the list of best gambling movies is Two Gamblers. Two gamblers who are brought together by accident make the two of them work together. Gerry and Curtis decide to strategize to win.

Even though this film is a drama addiction genre , the storyline does not seem cliché and provides a new perspective in the world of gambling.

Read the full review here: Mississippi Grind, The Bankruptcy of Skilled Gambling Players

The Gambler (2014)

The Gambler is one of many best gambling movies that we already know. This is a remake film produced in 2014. It tells the story of a literature professor who is desperate to gamble and is in debt to a moneylender.

He had to go through a lot of things to pay off his debt. Threats also come and lives are at stake. Very stressful, right?

Let’s read in full: The Gambler, The Complicated Life of Big-Time Gambling Players

God of Gamblers (1989)

God of Gamblers is an old film but still recommended to watch. The story of the god of gambling, one of best gambling movies will provide an exciting experience at the casino.

Played by Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau certainly makes this film interesting because both of them are senior Mandarin actors. What do you think?

From Vegas to Macau (2014)

From Vegas to Macau is a film that we recommend for you as one of best gambling movies in this article. This film successfully achieved high ratings. This crime comedy genre film tells the story of a gambling figure and a reliable hacker.

The betting journey in these two gambling cities is increasingly challenging because of the tense conflict but wrapped in comedy. Are you curious about the review?

Read in full at: Vegas to Macau, The Enchantment of Two Gambling Cities in Film

Tazza: The High Rollers (2006)

Tazza: The High Rollers is a film based on the comic series of the same name. This film known as one of best gambling movies that people watch all the time. This film tells the story of someone who tries to play gambling and is addicted.

He must be faced with many problems in solving his challenges. Did he manage to get through everything and return to a normal life? Come on, watch it now!

Various films from year to year can be enjoyed to fill the weekend. Even though they are no longer showing in theaters, these films can be enjoyed via the internet. There are many film provider sites that provide these films.

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Of course, don’t forget to read the reviews about the best gambling movies we have discussed before watching them . Then adjust to which film you like the most. Visit a trusted film site so you can enjoy it with fun.

General Description

After discuss about best gambling movies, let us move to next topic. Films about gambling is indeed interesting. Various film companies have made innovations in developing story ideas about gambling so that they are not boring. Social criticism through films about gambling also appears in various types of films.

Each of them provides the best quality, both Korean, Chinese, and Hollywood films. So that the film has many aspects of assessment.

Clinton, owner of Bigwin Corp.

Films that tell about gambling often give the audience a new perspective. The flip side of fancy gambling shows how detrimental gambling can be. Most of the characters told are about gambling addicts and going bankrupt.

Almost all films that take the topic of gambling have an action genre This is of course very relevant to the ‘hard’ gambling character. But unfortunately for the topic of online gambling there are still very few films that cover it.

The big online casinos that are widely known in China and Hong Kong also encourage this country to produce many similar films. Some of the characters often play the same role because of their inherent characters.

The gambling game in the film provides many images in people’s lives. to what extent does the film play a role in it and what impact?

What are the ins and outs of film and gambling in this world? Is the film able to provide a representation of gambling or keep a moral message? Come on, take a look at the following reviews!

A Film About Gambling as a Social Critique of Society

The function of films as a medium apart from providing entertainment can also be in the form of social criticism. Social criticism conveyed through films can be a powerful means of achieving its goals. By raising certain issues, the film will then be composed with satire in it.

In addition, moral messages that are inserted implicitly or explicitly in the film also become social criticism in society. Social criticism arises because of social phenomena that occur in the community. Among other things is the phenomenon of gambling addiction which is often a social problem in society.

According to a source in the Macauindo gambling site, it is important to be aware of the impact of gambling or commonly known as Responsible Gambling.

As a country that adheres to freedom of expression, of course film as a means of social criticism is very relevant and understood by society. The community will sympathize with a social problem that is raised through the film.

One of the films about gambling that contains social criticism is the Warkop DKI series in one of its episodes. This episode, entitled “Want to be Legal Literate“, has a scene about gambling.

In it it is conveyed that gambling will not solve the problem. In fact, playing online sporstbetting and gambling in general will give you new problems. So that the message to be conveyed mostly leads to avoiding gambling.

Another gambling movie with an element of social criticism is Comic 8: Casino Kings. This comedy genre film provides many satire messages in society. The satire message that was delivered also discussed more about politics.

Some of the losses due to gambling are very much featured in gambling-filled movies. Many films reveal the dark side of the gambling industry in the world, from Hong Kong, Korea, to Indonesia.

With this, films are considered more capable of reconstructing social discourses in society. Of course, because through films, the visualization presented is more real than other media.

With the power of film, social criticism about gambling can be easily conveyed and accepted by the public. Many directors and filmmakers are aware of this and carry a lot of messages in it. So that films are not just for entertainment, but how to criticize many parties.

Social Criticism: Film as a Medium of Anti-Gambling Propaganda

The propaganda tool that is still widely used is film. Movies are in great demand because of their uniqueness compared to other entertainment media. Films are better able to represent life more realistically.

The illusion of reality that appears in the film makes as if the story in it is real. So that the audience is more carried away and gets experience from him. When compared to other media such as songs or pictures, films are more preferred.

Films as a propaganda tool are still widely used from the past until now. In line with social criticism, films that convey persuasive messages or calls are propaganda films.

The use of films as an anti-gambling propaganda tool is considered effective because it presents realistic visuals and raises indirect awareness. Through the storyline, the film will give the effect that gambling is a negative activity.

With the awareness that is embedded unconsciously when watching movies, the spokesperson for an online slot gambling site said that audience will be suggested not to gamble. Of course, because gambling is a detrimental activity.

The timeless existence of films has made it accepted by various groups. Its long-lasting nature will also make its propagation values ​​usable in the future. With relevant values, of course more and more people will use the film in spreading anti-gambling values.

In the book The Triump of Propaganda written by John A. Broadwin and VR Berghahn, film is stated to be a good propaganda tool. Through film, it can cause psychological and propagandic impact on the audience for longer.

This strong influence is due to the fact that the content of the film sticks to the emotions of the audience and is visual in nature. So that the brain will capture and record it longer. This is of course very different from other tools, such as ordinary writing or images.

So that through films, social criticism in the propaganda of the issue of gambling can be more effective for the community.

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Films and Representations of Gambling Culture in Critical Social Societies

Almost all films are based on the conditions of society. A unique environment or an interesting story, of course, becomes an inspiration in composing a film. Apart from that, films about gambling are also a representation of society itself.

Community life which is always dynamic makes the socio-culture in it develop. One that is still alive and growing is the game of gambling. Online slot games for intansce, is very popular with the public because of the lure of prizes.

The enthusiasm of the gambling world for technological developments is enormous. This is evidenced by the many new evolutions that are present to meet the needs of gambling players. One of the innovations that has succeeded in making players more eager to play is the emergence of several new online gambling sites.

Gradually, gambling activities mushroomed and became a latent culture in society. This culture is of course negative because of its detrimental nature. The existence of gambling has also been widely recognized by people almost all over the world.

In some places, for example Macau and Las Vegas, the gambling culture there is very strong. So it is not surprising that there are so many films that portray the location and life in it as films.

Films about gambling with reflections on Macau and Las Vegas show that gambling in both cities is very fertile. For example, the film Casino (1995) one of best gambling movies, directed by Martin Scorsese, shows how casino life in Las Vegas is. According to our online gambling site at GarudaGame, Indonesia has a great potential to be the next successful gambling country because it already has a gambling culture.

Several other gambling films emerged from China such as From Vegas to Macau, God of Gamblers, and The Man from Macau. This film represents the life of a gambling player who is deeply attached to the identity of Macau.

The promotion of community culture through gambling of course has several purposes. The aim most often used by directors is to introduce the culture to the outside world.

In addition, spices about the culture of the local community can also be a complementary tool so that the film becomes more totality.

Seeing the culture of gambling as a film, of course, provides information about the other side of the world of gambling. Meanwhile, the General Manager of Slot95 a trusted online slot site, said that as a representation for real life, the film usually has a different view of portraying the common gambling culture.

Films not only construct these cultural values, but also process them so that they are easily digested by the public. Thus, when a culture is included in the film part, it can become an indirect medium of cultural exchange.

In some areas, gambling has of course become a material full of social criticism because of its negative value. So that with the film, it will be shown how the gambling culture itself is.

China as the Country of Most Gambling Film Production

Best Gambling Movie

Countries that legalize gambling in it such as China certainly have a thick gambling life. In some areas such as Macau and Hong Kong, you can find lots of casinos and domino gambling bookies.

With a life that is not far from gambling, of course, the directors have the idea to incorporate the gambling element into the film. Apart from gambling, this country is synonymous with Kung Fu or similar action. So do not be surprised if these two things are often collaborated.

Famous actors like Chow Yun Fat also often decorate films with the theme of this gambling. His skill at playing roles has made him often play important roles in gambling films.

Today’s Chinese films have also competed rapidly with Hollywood and Korea. Of course, these three countries have no doubt about the quality of their films. Armed with a strong gambling culture, it would be easy for China to present these films.

Various gambling films have appeared even favored all over the world. Some of the best-selling movie lists such as The Man from Macau and From Vegas to Macau have even appeared with several series and become best gambling movies all the time.

The presence of this film shows that the gambling culture in China is deeply rooted. So it is not surprising that many gambling films were born from this bamboo curtain country. Of course the audience can get lots of references that are easy to get.

Hollywood Production Gambling Movies

The film world is of course very familiar with Hollywood. The center of the largest film industry in the world dominates almost all types of films. So it is not surprising that various film genres have emerged from Hollywood.

Hollywood is an area in Los Angeles, California. The giant film studio that controls film production is here. Like Walt Disney Studios, 21 Century Fox, and Paramount Studio.

Many films on the topic of gambling have ruled the box office. Apart from its undoubted quality, this topic is relevant in several segments.

Hollywood’s mastery of films also certainly covers the topic of gambling. Gambling in several American states is legally licensed. So it is possible for Hollywood to lift it to the big screen.

Some of the famous an best gambling movies in various countries include Uncut Games, Runner Runner, 21, The Gambler, Casino, Maverick, Ocean’s Eleven, and Ocean’s Thirteen. Famous actors like Brad Pitt have also become important figures in several of these films.

Similar to the films made in China that combine Kung Fu and gambling, in Hollywood, the films presented also deal with action. The action that is played in it is more modern and crime.

Even Hollywood films always provide new innovations. For example, raising about online gambling in the film Runner Runner. This story tells of a student who is addicted to playing online gambling.

Currently, Hollywood films can be enjoyed via streaming sites. So, viewers who will watch this gambling film can access it easily. Some of these service providers are very easy to reach without the need to come to the cinema.

Movie Sites With Online Gambling Ads

Hollywood films currently produced can be enjoyed in various ways. If in the past the audience had to come to the cinema, now the audience can watch it via cellphone or laptop. This convenience is, of course, supported by a trusted site.

Viewers can easily watch films include their best gambling movies by visiting the official website of film providers such as Netflix, iflix, viu, and others. Some people also choose to download on certain sites.

Usually the sites visited are illegal and prone to be blocked. In addition, the illegal film download site contains advertising content for gambling agents. The advertisements offered often cause spamming and disturb comfort.

Many gambling advertisements are offered through this illegal film site. Even unmitigated, in one site can contain more than three gambling advertisements. Users are often annoyed because of this ad.

So be careful when visiting this streaming or movie download site. Use official and paid services to avoid gambling advertisements scattered about. In addition, using official film website services will reduce piracy.

This booming film piracy is of course very detrimental to the film industry. Even though the government has blocked access to these sites, in fact there are still many that are scattered easily.

The representation of films in society today is very important and in great demand. Movies have a complex role to play. Not only as entertainment, but how it plays a role in providing education, propaganda, and even social criticism.

Films can also serve as a mass communication tool that is easily distributed. Movie lovers and people who are involved in it also have a high interest in film.

Meanwhile, in the context of gambling, films have a role as a cultural representation inherent in society. In addition, through films, education is also given about how dangerous this betting game is.

So with this, films have an important role in aspects of social life. understand the moral message in the film so that it can be maximized in enjoying the storyline in it.

Enjoy watching your favorite films and hope this review of best gambling movies is useful for you!

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