FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3

FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3: Console Game for Football Lovers

FIFA Soccer is certainly the right choice for those of you who like to play various soccer games using consoles or we often call it FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3. Unlike the mobile version of FIFA Soccer , this cool game will certainly provide a much more exciting gaming experience. and steady because you are free to play your fingers to play a console device to get the best gaming experience. 

FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3 from a practical point of view, this game seems far from practical use. Users must use a console to be able to play this game. That’s why these games were made for you PS football game lovers who are already familiar with using consoles as a game support tool. 

Well, in a pandemic like this, PlayStation games, including FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3, will certainly be the best choice for those of you who really want to take advantage of your spare time to play something entertaining. Especially for those of you who like to play best PS3 soccer games for hours at home or in a boarding house, FIFA Soccer will definitely be your best friend during a pandemic.

Seri Game FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3

FIFA Soccer or FIFA now known as Mobile is the latest version of FIFA classic version (FIFA edition 2018-2019). This soccer game carries a new design for each series and focuses on the comfort of its users. 

With the support of console tools , FIFA Soccer will certainly ‘sedate’ its users through a gameplay atmosphere that is very similar to the real match. The difference is that you gamers are the matchmaker as well as the director of each virtual player in the game. 

There is no need for small talk, let’s take a quick look at the brief review of FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3 which consists of several choices of the following game series. 

FIFA Soccer 08

FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3

FIFA Soccer 08 is the first generation of FIFA Soccer game to get support from PlayStation. This soccer game presents quite interesting gameplay at its time. The animation and ball control shown are very responsive, just like when you watch a real match.

The average player of the 08 edition of FIFA Soccer PS3 admits that he is very satisfied because this game is very smart. This is very reasonable because this game has the support of A1 Smart technology which can quickly and automatically boost the performance of each game feature.

Well, these features that affect game operations include 35 special machine points that will later relate to the movements of the virtual players, ball movement and control, the visual and audio appearance of the audience (including the audience’s movements), and the reactions of each virtual figure in the game. 

Small example: virtual players can very quickly display reactions to the conditions around them, including reacting when this player sees an opportunity, ‘threats’ from opposing players, and other reactions that are common in real football matches. 

PlayStation in fact has created a new evolution in FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3. Be A Pro: Online Team Play, a technology product that is one of the advantages of this game, allows gamers to ‘duel’ with 5 other friends. 

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Thanks to this technology, each gamer can choose a virtual player and play against five virtual players from the opposing team. Each player here can freely direct and control his virtual player, provide ball assists or provide feedback to other virtual players who are also fully controlled by other gamers. It’s fun, right? 

FIFA Soccer 12

FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3

Well, this game is the latest version of FIFA Soccer for PlayStation 3. We deliberately reviewed this game because we wanted to compare several elements. Technological elements, in the first generation FIFA games and the last generation FIFA. 

FIFA Soccer 12 turns out to be much cooler in terms of technological upgrades. This game is equipped with the Player Impact Engine, a type of engine specially designed to display real effects on the movements, expressions and reactions of all virtual figures in the gameplay. 

Gamers can also play dribble balls that look very real in this gameplay. This dribble ball movement that looks real exists because PlayStation wants to spoil gamers by embedding the Precision Dribbling feature. 

There are also other new features that can be found in FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3. This feature is called Tactical Defending. This feature helps gamers to change direction for defending positions . 

The Pro Player Intelligence feature is indeed in the FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3 series. Now, for the latest version of the game, this feature is much smarter, faster in response, and of course very sophisticated in terms of performance. 

FIFA Soccer 12 Key Features

Here are some of the key features of FIFA Soccer PlayStation 3 edition 12:

  • Player Impact Engine
  • Precision Dribbling
  • Tactical Defending
  • Pro Player Intelligence
  • True Injuries
  • New Presentation
  • Complete Authenticity

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