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Gambling Movie 21: The Dynamics of Gambling Mathematics Expert Students

Gambling with math tricks is a slightly odd combination. Through this film, the gambling movie 21, gambling is collaborated with mathematics. This film was directed by Robert Luketic.

This gambling movie 21 was released on March 28, 2008 is one of the best gambling movies that published so far. Robert Luketic took Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, and Laurence Fishburne as the main characters. This film is quite attractive to many parties because the story really provides new insights .

In everyday life, mathematics is always identified with children who are smart and do not engage in negative actions. Through this film it will also be seen to what extent this intelligent person is playing gambling.

The Journey of Mathematics Students in Gambling Movie 21

Gambling Movie 21

This gambling movie 21 tells the story of Ben, played by Jim Sturgess. Ben is a bright student and wants to continue his studies to Harvard medicine. He has raised money and enrolled in a scholarship program.

Unfortunately, Ben’s fate is not good. He was threatened with not getting the scholarship because he could not compete with other genius students.

Ben’s desire to attend Harvard is certainly very big. So he began to give up on this economic problem. Just as he is about to give up, a math professor at his former college, Mickey, meets Ben.

This professor was amazed by the way of calculating and thinking. He made a suggestion that he should use his intelligence to make a profit. Mickey then invites him to join his secret math group.

After Ben joined, it turned out that there were a lot of students in it. Like Jill Taylor (played by Kate Bosworth), Choi (played by Aaron Yoo), Kianna (played by Liza Lapira), and Fisher (played by Jacob Pitts). Here they are trained to play black jack with mathematical techniques.

The method taught by Mickey in gambling movie 21 is card counting . This method uses probability calculations and statistics that are not far from mathematics.

At first Ben refused to join because he didn’t like the game of black jack. However, one of the students, namely Jill Taylor, caught Ben’s attention. Finally he decided to join.

They have a meeting after class ends. Of course, to practice and learn this gambling technique. On normal days, they spend time on campus like ordinary students. However, on the weekends, they go to Las Vegas to join the gamble.

Player Conflicts at Casino Gambling in Movies 21

Gambling Movie 21

Ben and his friends almost always spend the weekend gambling. With the tricks taught by Mickey, they won a lot of matches. Even without half-hearted, the money from this gambling they spend on luxury items is used to stay at star hotels.

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In several segments in this gambling movie 21, conflict begins to escalate.

Their team always wins at many casinos, so suspicions arise. This suspicion arose because of the losses received at the casino. So that one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas started an investigation.

Cole Williams, played by Lawrence Fishburne, is the head of security at the casino. He conducted an investigation to Ben and his friends. In addition, the conflict begins to escalate when Mickey and Ben clash.

Mickey thinks Ben is too greedy and doesn’t share his fair share of profits. Then Mickey set him up. And at the same time, Cole caught Ben and beat him.

Ben, who was very upset with Mickey, then teamed up with his team. They make a deal with Cole to catch Mickey. This happened because Mickey taught this card counting .

In the end Mickey was arrested and punished. After the incident, Ben and his friends no longer dealt with him. Even Ben left the world of gambling. It makes his experience as a gambler in the form of a scholarly journal.

This journal discusses himself at the gambling table. He then submitted this journal to the Chancellor for consideration for the scholarship. With this journal, the chancellor considers that Ben is indeed a kind child and deserves a scholarship.

The ending of gambling movie 21 is certainly very epic and surprising.

Brilliant Ideas for Math and Gambling in Acts 21

This gambling movie 21 which comes from the United States provides an interesting picture of the world of mathematics. This idea is of course a brilliant idea. Who would have thought that this film was based on a true story. With its uniqueness, this story is also presented in a film by Robert Luketic.

The 123-minute long film costs up to 35 million US dollars in production. The profit obtained from the screening of this film is 157 million US dollars. With these fantastic results, gambling movie 21 got a rating of 6.8 on IMDb.

Gambling movie 21 is a film adapted from an article entitled Bringing Down the House . Written by Ben Mezrich, got Robert Luketic interested in bringing him to the big screen. Meanwhile, the music arrangement was done by David Sardy. So it is not surprising that the sound effect is quite good for the size of the film that year.

Are you curious about how this story is complete? Of course the audience will be amazed by the mathematical tricks in it. Come on, watch!

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