How to Play Soccer

How to Play Soccer

How to Play Soccer – Soccer is currently the most widely viewed sport worldwide. It is also widely acknowledged as the most popular sport in the history of mankind.

The origin of soccer lie in the 2nd century BC. It is primarily an indoor sport, but can be played outdoor as well as indoors on artificial turf or in the water itself.

Since many years ago, a ball has been introduced in the United States. Soccer is also called as association football. The international body that rules over this game is called FIFA.

In America, soccer is played by teams having 11 players and it is played using a ClaudeGear man scratchy type of ball. It has even been introduced in Ontario, Canada where a league is currently being run.

It is similar to American football in many ways. As the term soccer indicates, the ball is made of leather and a field size of 90m by 72m.

The players field goal is covered with a goal area of 9m by 6m. Both teams have the same space and only the defenders of each team are allowed to enter the field of play.

The game is played in two halves of 45 minutes each. The defending team is allowed to take one free kick of defend the goal that is set by the officials.

How to Play Soccer: Basic Rules

Goalkeepers have different tactics of legitimate and illegal kicks. Scoring methods forfield goal differ as well. The official rules ought to be followed in order to take free kicks and penalties for penalties.

Let us take the example of a foul committed by an attacking player to the outer limit of the penalty area, then the attacking team gets the second opportunity or choice to kick a free kick at any other goal keeping the ball out of the goal notificantly placed.

Free kicks can be given by:

  • · A yellow card for improper playing
  • · A red card for violent conduct
  • · penalty kick for offside
  • · free kick or penalty kick received if the defending team incurs a foul
  • · penalty kick with the second yellow card for offside
  • To give a free kick:
  • · the attacking team must be in the rank and stand behind the free kick place
  • · the goalkeeper of the defending team must remain a further distance from the ball
  • · the referee requires the attacking team to advance towards the ball

Prestigious free kicks:

  • · the best and most exposed player of the defending team must run and relieve the ball in order to give a free kick
  • · players of the attacking team may take a free kick, but only if there are via andnormal run-up
  • · players of the defending team may not act in any manner that interferes with the kicking of the ball
  • · players of the attacking team may set a spinning kick that keeps the ball in the air
  • · the goalie must pick-up the ball, only if it has been touched by a player
  • · any kick above the near top of the head to the outside of the foot is a goal
  • · any kick below the thigh to the bottom of the foot is considered foul

In partial or late games:

  • · the game may be stopped over causes unless by referee
  • · for the need of giving a Cup for the best team
  • · penalty kick if the game is stopped because of a fault committed by a player
  • · passing or foul.

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That’s the review about how to play soccer that I can convey, hopefully it can be a useful source of information for you./ Aha

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