PES 2011 PlayStation 3

PES 2011 PlayStation 3 Plus Its ‘Wow’ Features

Who doesn’t know Konami, a game maker who is so famous in the world. He is the creator of the best soccer games including ps3 football games. Winning Eleven, which has now changed its name to Pro Evolution Soccer, is Konami’s most famous work and is able to release the ‘thirst’ of soccer game lovers. PES 2011 PlayStation 3 is only one of Konami’s works that will be briefly reviewed on this occasion. 

Review: PES 2011 PlayStation 3


Konami really understands the tastes of fans of his wild games. He seems to know the gamers’ desire for updates on every game series released. PES 2011 PlayStation 3, for example, of course has undergone an overhaul in several parts to differentiate its previous game series. Overhaul focuses on the control system, strategy settings on game devices, and many other parts. You can see the detailed information below, guys.

PES 2011 PlayStation 3 Control System

The control system on this game device is the one part of the game that gets the most attention. Konami chose this part of course with a reason. In any football game, the control system becomes a very important element because it has a very similar function to an operating system on Smartphones and other smart devices. 

The control system on PES 2011 PlayStation 3 has the main function for several movement operations such as dribbling and kicking the ball. The control system is also the key for gamers to outwit opposing players with excellent precision. 

Virtual Player Stamina Meter for PES 2011 PlayStation 3

In this soccer game there is also a unique feature called the stamina measurement feature. From the name of the feature, you will know its main function. That’s right, to measure the stamina of virtual players in the game. The measured stamina will then be displayed in the form of level information which shows details of each player’s stamina condition. 

Virtual players who often run while dribbling in the game will notice that their stamina quality has decreased. From this feature, gamers will immediately know this information so that they can immediately direct the ball to other players. Very cool, right?

Better Defense

In this PES 2011 PS3 game, gamers are also spoiled by the formation of a much better quality defender. The defender formation is made with better defense. Each player in the back area of ​​the field presents a game movement that looks so natural. These players can not only chase and dribble the ball that comes into their area, but also can snatch the ball from opposing players. Really like a real match. It is not like that?

Diverse Animated Display

Konami has also completely overhauled the game’s graphics. In terms of quality, PES 2011 PS3 has very capable graphic features. Moreover, Konami did not hesitate to embed the latest technology called Physics, which has changed the appearance of animation in the game into an animation display that is much more real and has smoother movements. 

Settings on Gameplay Speed

Konami also added one additional element, namely a control tool to the game. This one tool allows gamers to choose their own game speed according to their taste.

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In terms of aesthetics

The aesthetic here is focused on the profiles of virtual players in the PES 2011 PlayStation 3 game. The genius Konami has included thousands of new animations that he took from real movements in real matches. You need to know that thousands of these movements are taken from the original movements recorded over more than 100 hours. 


The strategy setting in this game is Drag and Drop. This feature is made so that gamers can make arrangements for player substitutions and subsidies. Even cooler, this feature also provides a short animation about the opportunities or potential strategies recommended to gamers.

3D animation

PES 2011 PlayStation 3 is a game by Konami that already has 3D technology support. This technology is of course capable of displaying animated visualizations that look alive. Especially if gamers wear special glasses while playing this cool game. 

Online League Selection

And this is the greatest feature pinned by Konami on PES 2011. List or a list of online games that can be accessed by PES 2011 PlayStation 3 gamers. world best that can be played via online. 

So, after reading a brief review of PES 2011 PlayStation 3, what do you think? It is true that this game may be a low-spec game when compared to the soccer games that were released recently. However, with the detailed specs mentioned above, at least this PES 2011 game was once the best soccer game of its time. Agree? 

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