PES 2018 PS3 Download

PES 2018 PS3 Download which is more flexible and comfortable for gamers

Konami, as the most famous soccer game maker in the world, has released the latest version of the PES soccer game after the success of PES 2017 which was released last September 2016. PES 2018 PS3 Download has been proven to make gamers more addicted. This game seems more comfortable and flexible than its predecessors. In fact, PES 2018 is still FIFA’s toughest rival made by EA Sports.

Gamers are certainly confused about which best soccer game including ps3 soccer games to choose. Both FIFA and PES 2018 PlayStation 3 downloads have an edge. FIFA clearly emphasizes the quality of the graphics that are very real, while PES 2018 offers a very distinctive and not boring gameplay. It seems that Konami has realized the weakness of the game in the graphics sector so that in this game series, he has improved the graphics quality again.

Well, for gameplay, PES 2018 PS3 Download has experienced a significant increase in quality. You can feel it as soon as the whistle has sounded. Many gamers who have previously tried this game say that this game is more flexible and easier to control. There are even some of them who equate the flexibility of this gameplay with the gameplay in PES 2013.

Review PES 2018 PS3 Download

PES 2018 PS3 Download

Most of these gamers also think that PES 2018 is more or less similar to the previous PES series , namely PES 2013, especially in terms of ease of control and comfort.

There is one thing that is most interesting about PES 2018 PS3 Download, which is the engine or game engine used in this game. Even though it has previously experienced failures due to inappropriate engine selection, Konami apparently doesn’t give up on collaborating with FOX, a world-renowned game developer engine. Reflecting on the failure of PES 2017, both Konami and FOX then upgraded the game engine embedded in PES 2018. The results were extraordinarily successful.

It is clear that the collaboration between Konami and FOX this time is capable of producing very high quality graphics. PES 2018 PS3 Download is able to display very realistic gameplay. Just look at the profile section on the faces of the virtual players in this game. They look so real.

Well, you must be very curious about the details of the features embedded in this PES 2018 PlayStation 3 Download, right? Let us review the features one by one.

Improved Gameplay Mode PES 2018 PS3 Download

Konami once said that he would improve the quality of the gameplay mode on PES 2018 PS3 Download and now he is keeping his promise. It is true that this part is the main focus that will be upgraded by Konami. Thanks to this upgrade, many game reviewers have submitted positive comments about the PES game which was released in 2017.

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One of the parts that have had a fairly large upgrade is the penalty mode and free-kick mode. Both of these modes have been significantly improved. Konami also made upgrades in other parts such as in some player moves such as dribbling. The movements of the players while doing dribbling look so natural, responsive, smooth, and real. Of course, upgrading some of these features really helps gamers to enjoy the game.

More Realistic Games

Another important point that is no less important to experience an upgrade is a gameplay feature that is much more realistic. Konami always presents games that are as close to the original match as possible. He seems to want to make his fans satisfied and entertained while playing his games. With these games, gamers will certainly feel a different experience, which is as if they are playing this game in a real stadium.

New Mode: Random Selection Mode

PES 2018 PS3 Download also has a new game mode called Random Selection Mode. Actually, this mode is not a new mode because Konami has previously used this mode to be embedded in his PS2 games. It’s just that this mode has been updated to a fresher mode which can automatically make PES 2018 PlayStation 3 Download more exciting and have better performance.

The latest technology additions to the Master League feature

This technology will only appear in the Master League feature. When this feature is activated, gamers will automatically get several choices of interview sessions. The interview session in this game involved several club managers and players. So, gamers can choose a manager who will train the virtual players of your choice. Indeed, this one feature is not very important, but it will be quite entertaining for sure. Overall, PES 2018 PS3 Download is very interesting. If you are interested and want to play this game, you can try the updated version. The newest version of the game certainly offers upgraded features. And these features will definitely make your gaming experience even more memorable.

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