What Are The Inspirative Poker Stories of 2021?

What Are The Inspirative Poker Stories of 2021?

Poker Stories of 2021 – Despite the fact that the global pandemic keeps dragging on, the poker community as well as some best poker players have controlled to stay active and adapt to the brand new norm (masks, social distancing, and vaccination efforts).

In truth, in 2019, we’ve seen memorable memories, including 10 double bracelet winners on the 2021 world collection of Poker, recreational gamers beating pros, and winners donating their wins to guide their cause. 

Some Memorable Poker Memories of 2021


The 2021 WSOP organizers required all poker gamers and the attendees to be fully vaccinated in opposition to COVID-19 earlier than the match that became held at Rio resort and casino last November. but, the equal mandate become now not been extended to the dealers for a few causes.

Further, gamers had the option now not to wear masks at the same time as seated at poker tables, furnished that they had proof of vaccination. 

Pros Boycotting The WSOP Series

With tour regulations and strict vaccination mandates that exclude dealers and different casino personnel, a few execs like Kristen Bicknell and Alex Foxen boycotted the WSOP series to protest these decisions. 

While all of the gamers and audiences attending WSOP occasions had been required to be absolutely vaccinated, the dealers and staff were excluded; this choice stemmed from the truth that there’s a worldwide scarcity of online casino personnel. 

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Players Donating Their Win In Order to Support Their cause 

These poker stories of 2021 became when players donated their win. Now not all poker players are about money, reputation, or bracelets. One top instance is Dragana Lim, a green participant who entered the 2021 WSOP most important event and determined to donate her $95,700 of winnings to construct an animal foundation in Las Vegas. meanwhile, she completed 64th place in the match. 

Gershon Distenfeld, who completed forty-eighth vicinity at the $1,500 Shootout No-restrict keep’em, additionally gave all his winnings totalling $204,063 to a charity. 

Last Wish Granted

A recreational poker participant, Michael Graydon, had terminal mind cancer while he tweeted a message pronouncing his dream turned into to join the 2021 WSOP main event buy-in. fortuitously, a few pros like Jonathan Depa and MJ Gonzales noticed his tweet and provided to cover his buy-in, plane price tag to Las Vegas, and different prices related to attending the match. 

Whilst Graydon didn’t cash inside the $10,000 purchase-in match, he became happy and crushed with the quantity of aid he got from the poker community, according to PokerNews. 

Attendance Down

The attendance in the maximum prestigious poker events became down around 30% in comparison to 2019. In reality, the largest event, “the main occasion,” had about 6,650 gamers, lower than the previous yr’s 8,570 attendees. however given the uncommon circumstances we had in 2019, it’s still an impressively wide variety. 

That’s all some best poker stories of 2021. Hopefully, it can benefit and inspire us.