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8 Best PS3 Football Games

Everyone must be like soccer. In the course of its history, football has grown to become the most universal sportThis is also the reason why his fans are all over the world. There are many ways to enjoy this one sport.

One example is by play soccer game. You can play this game on PC, Playstation 4, 3 and others. On this occasion we will review the passion of football in a game play. Here is a list of the best PS3 football games that you can choose to play.

One’s penchant for soccer, obviously, can be done in various ways. Here are some of the list of the best football games for PS3.

List of the Best PS3 Football Games

the best PS3 football game

Well, for fans of console games about football, there is good news for you. These games provide virtual football games with various technological support applications that are updated regularly. This is of course for the satisfaction of gamers.

Are you curious about the best PS3 football games that you must try to play? Let’s check the following information:

Best FIFA Soccer PS3 Football Game

One of the best and most favorite PS3 soccer games today is FIFA Soccer. This soccer game is a virtual simulation of the world’s famous leagues. Like the Champions League, Serie A Italy, etc. Games that can be played online by gamers.

This cool soccer game is released annually by Electronic Arts. A company that is none other than a game developer, under the label EA Sports.

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Since 2011, the FIFA franchise has collaborated with this game developer, to upgrade the FIFA Soccer game with more language features (18 languages). With this upgrade, this game can be marketed in 51 countries in the world.

Best PES 6 PS3 Football Game

PES 6 is a soccer game that used to be a favorite in its time. This soccer game was first released at the end of the PlayStation 2. Since this game is one of the first generation game consoles, you could say this game still carries light specifications. The quality of its performance and features is still relatively simple, when compared to the latest version.

Even so, this gameplay is still fun to play.

One of the advantages of this soccer game is that gamers can play it on devices with simple hardware. This game is also safe for devices with low memory capacity.

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This first generation of the best PS3 football game has various modes available. Gamers are free to choose the mode that suits their needs.

PES 2011

PES 2011 is arguably the best PES version of the soccer game because this game has far better features and specifications than the previous generation. Many gamers are amazed by this exciting game. How not, this soccer game series has been equipped with a facecam feature that allows each player in the game to have a face that is very similar to the real player.

Not only faces are made to resemble the real players, but also movements and gestures . And do you know? Lionel Messi was once a game icon on this one. You Messi fans must be proud, right?

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Well, about quality, PES 2011 is the best game because it has the most similar gameplay quality to the original soccer game.

PES 2018

Source: realsport101.com

PES 2018 was once the best and most favorite PS3 football game of its time. Even gamers are willing to spend up to hours playing this cool soccer game. As a new generation of previous PES series, PES 2018 has of course experienced the latest upgrades, from features to game specifications.

Gamers are certainly spoiled for quality graphics, visuals & audio effects that are sharper and clearer. Cool graphic quality can be seen in several parts of the game display. For example, the appearance of field grass in the game looks like real grass. The audio that brought the crowd to the crowd also sounded like the real cheers of the audience.

Unfortunately, PES 2018 is the last PES game series to use the Champions League license because the next game series, PES 2020, has pocketed a license contract with another league.

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PES 2015

Konami Digital Entertainment

Many gamers speculate that PES 2015 is the beginning of Konami’s revival. Why? As a PES game lover, you know that Konami had a hard time when PES 2014 was just released. Reportedly, the 14th PES series failed.

There is something new from this PES 2015 game. It seems that Konami has embedded a new technology, namely the FOX Engine, which is a technology capable of displaying more solid and responsive graphics. Thanks to the support of this latest technology, PES 2015 really presents a gameplay that is very and very similar to a real soccer game. No wonder many gamers agree that PES 2015 is the best PS3 soccer game in 2015.

PES 2017

source: WinNetnews

You fans of Barcelona, ​​of course you are very proud of your favorite club that has been the cover of the PES 2017 soccer game. The fact is that PES 2017 has also been the best PS3 football game in the same year as the game’s release year, which is 2017. This time Konami focus on the movements of the players in this game. This maker game is really detailed in thinking about the details of the player’s movements which look very fluid and realistic.

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Unfortunately, in terms of features and specifications, not many have changed. In general, these elements are still the same as the previous PES generation, namely PES 2016. It’s just that this game is getting a slightly better review when compared to PES 2016.

Winning Eleven

Winning Eleven is actually the same game as PES. Both were created by Konami. What distinguishes this game is the target market it is intended for. Winning Eleven is a game made by Konami for the Asian market, while PES is a game made by Konami for the American and European markets.

Gamers who love games made by Konami are certainly confused by the name of this game. Finally, in early 2000, Konami set PES as the only brand name for this game.  

PES 2020

Source: fin.co.id

The best PS3 football game PES 2020 was officially released on September 12, 2019, specifically for Asia and September 10, 2019 for other than Asia. This game turns out to be the 19th installation product of Konami’s PES series.

Unlike the previous games made by Konami which received official licenses for the UEFA Champions League, Konami has now partnered with EA Sports as the licensing provider for this game. Of course, from the beginning of its release, the best PS3 football game was eagerly awaited by soccer game fans around the world.

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Again, Konami uses Messi’s profile as the main cover of the best PS3 soccer game. Maybe not many gamers know that Lionel Messi is often the icon or cover of Konami’s soccer games. The last time Messi’s profile was seen in PES 2011, which was also at that time his appearance was very impressive.

This time. Lionel Messi’s cover was enlivened by several other PES ambassadors such as Miralem Pjanic, Serge Gnarby, and Scott Mc Tominary. This cover is installed for PES 2020 standard edition. Reportedly, another special edition will be released, namely PES 2020 with the cover of the legendary Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho. Wow, gamers can’t wait.

As the best PS3 football game, PES 2020 has come with a new mode, Matchday Mode, which is a more competitive and fast- responsive mode . Of course this mode fits perfectly with the criteria of today’s game modes which are generally played on mobile and online.

With the support of this latest mode, Konami seems to want to spoil his fans with a list of hits. So later Konami will choose the derby or important matches each week. Gamers here are free to choose which team they will represent and then play.

Competitions and Leagues at PES 2020

source: invision community

In the season of soccer competition, ball connoisseurs do not miss the excitement of a match. This can be seen in the enthusiasm of the audience who came to the stadium. Maybe you, as a sport enthusiast, of course have a team of pride that is seeded to win the match.

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Konami is always full of surprises. How not, this PES 2020 project offers 18 leagues which certainly contain lots of quality and exciting competitions. From these 18 leagues, the profiles of all the players from each team will be accompanied by logos and kits that match the original logo and kit.

The leagues that have been licensed are Eredivisie, French 1 League, Italian Serie A, and many other well-known leagues. Konami also includes several leagues outside of the license, such as the EFL Championship, English Premier League, Segunda Division, and La Liga. Leagues outside of this license can certainly be another option for gamers who want to try gameplay from other leagues.

PES 2020 platform

This best PS3 football game is available for several platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation4, and Microsoft Windows. Those of you who are interested in trying to play this cool game, can immediately pre-order via the PlayStation Store. Or you can place an order on the Stream and Microsoft Store.

PC compatibility for PES 2020

source: Game zero

So, for those of you who prefer to play the best PS3 soccer game via PC, you should first check your PC specifications because this game is only compatible with some PCs with certain PC specifications. The following is a list of minimum PC specifications that can be used as a supporting device for PES 2020:

  • Operating System Windows 7 SP 1/10 64bit 1/8
  • Intel Core type processor with i5-3470 specifications or it could be AMD FX 4350 type processor
  • Minimum RAM specifications are 4 GB
  • NVIDIA GTX 670 graphics feature specifications or it could be AMD Radeon HD 7870 graphics
  • Minimum hard disk is 40 GB
  • DirectX version 11
  • 1280 × 720 screen resolution

PES 2020 Game Price

How about the price of the best PS3 football game PES 2020? Because PES 2020 was released in 2 editions: the standard edition and the Legend edition, the price offered for each edition is also different.

For the standard edition, the price is around Rp. 728,000, while for the legend edition, per unit PES 2020 costs Rp. 971,000.

The price is fantastic, but this best PES game can certainly provide maximum satisfaction for its players. 

There is additional info regarding this best PS3 soccer game. For the standard edition game with the Messi logo, additional content has been added in the form of a match involving Ronaldinho. There is also Lionel Messi’s performance in this game. Messi plays 10 games in this fun game.

As for the legend edition, there is additional content in the form of PES Legend Players taken from several well-known clubs. One of the legendary players who was presented was Ronaldinho. There is also Lionel Messi for 10 kinds of matches, 3 player renewal contracts for 30 weeks, and premium agent for 30 weeks.

Until now, the best PS3 football game became the best-selling game during the end of 2019 to mid 2020. It has been reported that many gamers are waiting for this game to be played by these gamers soon.

Those of you who are also interested in owning and playing a game that is said to be the best PS3 football game, hurry up and pre-order it now and look forward to the arrival of your favorite game at home. PES 2020 will certainly be your new ‘friend’ during this pandemic.

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