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5 Best Gambling Movies on Netflix You Must Watch

Best Gambling Movies on Netflix – Gambling movies has raised in popularity since early 2000s. Maybe you’d like to know a few movies are due to watch with your friends. Gambling movie is very fun to watch and they offer a unique genre like never before. Every time you play in a casino, it gives you basically the same sensation.

But instead you’re going to see it in a movie which is so much better.

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Netflix has some of the best selections when it comes to gambling movies. Some of these gambling movies revolves around Chinese gambling movies and Western gambling movies.

Chinese gambling movies will involve cards and poker games but while the Western types of gambling movies are more to slot machines as well as modern types of gambling games.

Today we’re going to learn a lot and we hope that you’re going to enjoy the selection of our recommendations. Don’t forget to read until the end so you know what to expect for.

What to Expect from Gambling Movies on Netflix You Must Watch

Gambling movies is basically involved in crime as well as lots of alcohol so we do not advise you to watch this if you’re still below 18 or 21 years old.

Overall gambling movies is very thrilling and that is the genre that takes in the movie. Most of the gambling movies that were going to talk about today are popular. And they have aged over time not you might even find some movies that date back to the year of 1990s.

There are a few things to expect however. Because this is gambling, gambling will always have ties with crimes. So there will be mobs, mafia, gangs and so much more characters involved. Whereas there are also some classy gambling movies that you might want to look out for.

Some of those are such as agent 007. If you know agent 007 will there is a huge chance that you might have already watched this movie. One of the movie in particular has a lot of gambling. People will gamble for money and some might even have an interesting plot line.

Some of these are gambling movie after all. And it does involve alcohol but thankfully it does not involve any guns or any violence. So it is a fun movie to watch if you’re going to watch it with a few other people.

This interesting plot line involves a person’s journey into making his or her career into the world of poker. We’re going to talk more about this so hang on tight and let’s jump right in.

List: 5 Best Gambling Movies on Netflix

Here are 5 lists of the best gambling movies on Netflix, these could be interesting options for you to watch right now;

1. Rounders

Our first gambling movies on Netflix that you must watch is surrounders. Rounders is a very popular movie and they have gained a lot of popularity and this recent years. Many people started to love watching gambling movies.

Rounders is a great start because you won’t see that many action. What we mean by action is that there won’t be much crime or shooting or even fighting. This is because rounders is focused on the story a famous poker player.

This poker player builds his career by playing undercover games or underground games. I’ll find itself is very interesting and we recommend you to watch this for starters. But beware that you might need to learn how to play Texas holdem poker first.

So Texas HoldEm poker is basically a card game in which the players will fight for a prize money. The price money will increase each round that is why the title of the movie itself is named as rounders. The main characters in rounders will keep on gambling until he gets big.

He eventually borrows money because he lost some in some gambling card games. And sooner or later he made it big and he hits the casinos in Las vegas.

Plot then reaches its climax when the main character deals with mafia. This character is innocent and it has never faced so many challenges before. But as success came by, he eventually plays in higher stakes poker games.

He is able to play in these high-stakes poker game because he kept winning over and over again. Overall rounders is a great movie to watch especially if you’re not looking for an intense thriller movie.

2. 21

The title of this movie is only and literally 21. 21 is a very interesting movie because it actually does not have any action at all. The only action is when the professor recruits five students. This professor is a genius and he knows how to count numbers.

 He is a math professor and he ends up recruiting five disciples to take part in a blackjack scheme. Students are taught how to count cards and blackjack.

Counting card is a technique in which a player counts the probability of winning a blackjack match. It is kind of illegal and it is banned in casinos. But for the sake purpose of this movie let’s just say that this is going to be a fun movie.

The plot starts by the recruitment process of the professor. The professor recruits five students from his university. After that he teaches them how to count cards. This process quite takes the time but but after that it reaches the climax point.

The conflict is when it gets interesting and fun the professor takes these students to a casino. More specifically the Vegas strip casino. There is known as the famous casino that is located in Las vegas. they end up making millions and millions of dollars just from that scheme alone. And then the professor splits this profit with all of his five students.

But eventually one or two of these disciples get too greedy. He tries to do these schemes on their own and they failed. Eventually the story does not end well and you might want to watch it for yourself. Because spoilers cannot be fun if you’re trying to watch gambling movies. There are a few things that you might want to watch out when watching this movie.

3. Ocean’s Eleven

The third movie on our list today is ocean’s 11. The ocean’s Eleven is a movie with an action genre you might love this movie because it is a very fast action movie and it involves three casinos. Yes you heard that right not only one casino but three casinos in one movie alone.

The plot starts with Danny which is an owner of a casino. He is an owner that wants vengeance. All three rival casinos Are against Danny’s casinos. That is why Danny takes the opportunity to plan a heist. They are going to rob all three casinos with different timings. But there are also aspects in which Danny still gambles and plays with other casino owners.

The movie is split up into two sections. The first section is where the gambling starts. But sooner or later the gambling ends and kind of changes into an action movie. Danny steals money from other casinos and this is where it gets interesting.

Danny eventually recruits 11 people to do the job. And the money would be split up later on. That is why this movie is called as the ocean’s eleven. This movie also developed into prequels and a sequel. There is a ocean’s twelve and the last movie is named as the ocean’s thirteen.

Feel free to check these sequels and prequels if you are into the movie. We sure think that this is a must watch for you enthusiasts.

4. Casino Tycoon

Not all casino movies that are old are boring to watch. Casino tycoon is one of the best movies and it is actually a trilogy. Because there are casino tycoon 1, 2 and then there are movies up to casino tycoon 3.

This movie is about the college student that is broke. It’s been living as a student that does not have any parents to support him. That is why he eventually needs to find a way to make a living. At his age he has only good with academics.

He has spent so much of his time studying and learning but not getting enough money. He needs to support his grandparents to do so.

This movie can be related due to the storyline that is supple that it does not have a stressful or violent type of genre. Instead it tells the story of a person that is unfortunate. But this person that is unfortunate is able to make it big into the casinos of Las vegas.

The main character is invited into small poker games. This poker games are host of locally in their own underground locations and then it moves to underground basements. Due to his excellent academic skills he is able to win most of the time. He uses his skills in counting probability and uses math to predict the outcomes.

The main character then goes to Las Vegas to make it big. He goes to Las Vegas with a minimum amount of money that he has won locally. Sooner or later he becomes one of the greatest poker champions of all time but he joins tournaments and he is able to make a living of poker. This movie is very successful during the year of 1990s.

5. The Gambler

Jim Bennett is a guy that is in debt. This is basically the whole story in the whole plot about this person not in order to pay his debt then he needs to find a way to make money. What better way to make money than to gamble in the casino right.

Well that is exactly what he does. This might sound like it is straight out of a real life person story. Many people actually try to do this in real life you know. People will go in that and go to casinos while dreaming that they can actually make their money back.

Well the story of Jim Bennett or known as the main character is quite unique. Not only that he exploits these casino or poker rooms he actually makes a lot of money out of it. You’re usual poker story would be like this person is a genius and he is able to count cards. But this is actually different in this movie known as the gambler.

In The Gambler you will be seeing a lot of scam as well as con artist actions. Overall it is still a gambling movie and it is very enjoyable to watch. Jim Bennett is a con artist. he is able to track others and get himself into a tricky situation but for example getting into a high-stakes poker game in order to make a bunch of money.

This is very unique and this is the trade of Jim Bennett or known as the main character. Eventually he gets caught by many Mafia gangs and groups. As a result he is hunting down by many organizations and his priority is still to be the debt that he owes to people. Successfully places that and then he gets caught by the gangsters.


So gather your friends and get ready for one of the best gambling movies on Netflix that you will ever find. Binge all three movies and you will learn about the other interesting plots.

Some of these movies might surprise you a lot. Such as the movie from The Gambler. Where eventually the story has acquired interesting ending.

He is actually able to pay everything just by gambling. If you want to follow the steps of Jim Bennett then you might want to learn a thing or two. Because of things that he understands is quite incredible.

This movie is a recommended gambling movies on Netflix that you must watch today. The movie itself is not very old. You will see a good quality movie with an interesting plot.

Hopefully this gambling film does not inspire you to try to become a gambler on various online gambling sites today.