Casino Raiders

Casino Raiders, Challenging Action and Gambling Matches

Gambling films are indeed dominated by productions from mainland China, one of the films that is quite interesting is Casino Raiders. This film is a Hong Kong film output in 1989. The gambling film in this country is really interesting to watch because it has a background that matches real life there.

Gambling in the Hong Kong area is certainly not a foreign commodity. In that city, gambling is something that is legal and even regulated by the government.

So it’s no wonder that many films have been inspired by that city. Or at least take a place setting there as the location of the story, especially in the 1989-1996 period. One of them is Casino Raiders.

The film, which had mastered the big screen because of its challenging action song, made this film even more popular with action film lovers. The directors of this film are Jimmy Heung and Wong Jing. Both of them were able to collaborate nicely on stories in their time.

How is the story of this film next? Who plays a role in Casino Raiders? Come see the review below!

The story of Andy Lau, the Casino Ruler in Casino Raiders

Casino Raiders stars many well-known actors. Several names that appear in this gambling film have made Casino Raiders quite eye-catching by many movie lovers. Figures who played a role in the success of this film include Andy Lau , Alan Tam, Rosamund Kwan, and Idy Chan. The popularity of Andy Lau in his time really boosted Casino Raiders to compete in the ranks of the big screen films.

Casino Raiders tells the story of the main character Crab Chan (played by Andy Lau) and Juda Sam Law (played by Alan Tam). The two of them are professional gamblers who have always been together. This story began when a gambling businessman invited them to come to his casino. He is Lung (played by Charles Heung).

Both of them were called to play gambling with the aim of committing fraud. This scam intends to deceive gambling players who come from Japan. So they came to the casino in the Lake Tahoe area to fight Kung (played by Hagiwara Kenzo) and Taro (played by Lung Fong).

In casino raiders, apart from these two gambling players from Japan, Crab Chan and Sam Law met with Koyan Tong (played by Idy Chan). Koyan Tong is a rich woman in Hong Kong who turns out to have a special relationship with Sam Law.

In this section, both of them managed to beat the two Japanese gambling players. Not long after that, they finally returned to Hong Kong. It turns out that this story is only the beginning in Casino Raiders. After defeating two gambling players from Japan with the aim of deceiving, the two of them began to get a lot of attacks.

The attacks they received were of course related to the Japanese gambling player. Knowing that he was tricked, Kung wanted to take revenge by sending a triad that would pursue Crab Chan and Sam Law. During this hunting action, both of them managed to escape but Crab Chan’s hand was badly injured while saving Sam Lam. This then affects Crab Chan’s performance in gambling.

The conflict culminates in a bout at the casino


The hunt for the two was not over here. Although they survived the pursuit of Kung’s men, the two of them still live in the shadow of Kung who doesn’t accept being deceived. Their relationship is even more complicated when Koyan’s father or Sam Law’s father-in-law is involved in this gambling film.

Kung has an evil plan to destroy Sam Law’s in-laws business. So Sam Law also plans to thwart him, bad luck befalls him and has to be hospitalized. This made his father-in-law ask him to stop gambling and that he would be given capital for the business.

Sam then invited Crab Khan to stop gambling and start a business. However, Crab Khan refused and still decided to become a gambler.

One day, Crab Khan was gambling at the casino owned by Taro, Kung’s son. Taro also challenged Crab to fight him with a bet worth HK $ 3 million. When they were about to play, the police came to raid the casino. It was then that Taro found out that Crab Khan was using fake money to play with him so he was annoyed.

Not long after that, then Taro took his revenge. He kidnaps Koyan, his best friend’s lover and forces Crab to save him because Sam is out of the country on business. He then came to save Koyan with Bobo, his lover.

Unfortunately, Bobo was shot dead. After that Crab Khan also died from being poisoned by Taro. Meanwhile Koyan manages to escape safely and immediately notifies Sam Law. After arriving in Hong Kong, Sam immediately plans to take revenge on his friend.

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Casino Raiders has a long and long conflict. Here, Sam is again confronted with the gambling table to get his revenge. This trip then did not end because of the problems that occurred between Sam Law and Koyan. Intrigued by the next story? Watch this Casino Raiders movie to find out more.