PES 6 Patch 2020

PES 6 Patch 2020: The Right Choice for Gamers with Low Spec PCs

Want to play games but computer / PC specs are still mediocre, no need to be confused and sad. There is no need to force yourself to buy a PC with new specs if your savings are still insufficient. There is still a way to play a fun and exciting soccer game , of course. PES 6 patch 2020 can be the right game choice. 

PES 6 Patch 2020

What is PES 6 patch 2020? This game is a PES 6 game that has been adapted to newer technology updates and of course has a much better performance than the old version of PES 6. So, what is the difference between PES 6 and PES 6 on this one? 

PES 6 with the addition of the 2020 patch, in terms of performance, is certainly far superior so that gamers will get a more satisfying gaming experience even though they still use a PC with relatively low specs. From a visual perspective, the updated version of PES 6 also features a better visualization. For example, in terms of graphic quality, the overall display looks smoother, almost similar to the actual match display. 

Minimum PC specs compatible with PES 6 patch 2020

So, so that you are not curious about the minimum PC specs that are compatible with PES 6, here is a brief information. 

  • Minimum PC Operating System Windows 2000/ XP 
  • RAM PC minimum 256 MB
  • Tipe DVD-Room Drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce 3 or it could be ATI Radeon 8500 for the video card
  • DirectX 8.1 for sound card

For those of you who still have a PC with the minimum specs above, you can really get a new experience playing PES 6 with the latest patch. But there are also recommendations for PC specs that are suitable for this old school soccer game. 

Recommended Specs for PES 6 Patch 2020

PES 6 Patch 2020

The recommended operating system spec for PES 6 Patch 2020 is Windows 2000 / XP with Intel Pentium 4 support. The recommended PC processor is a 1.4 GHz processor. The best RAM capacity is 512 MB. Now, for room players, the DVD-ROM Drive type is highly recommended for this game.

There is also a recommended type of graphics card on a PC, namely the NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti or ATI Radeon 9600 series. The type of graphics card above these two series will also feature much better and more responsive gameplay performance. Meanwhile, for the audio card, DirectX 8.1 is the best choice. 


Next, we will discuss the general visualization section of PES 6 patch 2020. Gamers who have tried PES 6 admit that they are quite satisfied because in general, the visual appearance is much better than the usual PES 6. The movements, expressions, and reactions of the virtual players in this game are quite subtle. 

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Even though the facial profiles of the players in this game are not too similar to the facial profiles of the real players, you gamers will automatically still recognize each player. The general appearance of the players, such as the uniforms worn, has also been updated with the new uniforms. 

Feature Elements

If observed carefully, PES 6 patch 2020 takes several feature elements from PES 2011, especially from the quality of graphics and audio features. The choice of leagues offered is also more or less the same as the list of leagues in PES 2011.

With the upgraded list of leagues to be played in this game, gamers are certainly free to choose which leagues you are ready to play. So, because this game takes more of the features of the PES 2011 game, there is one match that gamers will most like. Correctly. The match in question is a match to win the 2010 AFF Cup.

AFF 2010 featured some of the best national teams, including the national team that is our pride. At that time there were several names of top players that were revealed. Call it Bambang Pamungkas, Maman, Firman Utina, M. Nasuha, Irfan Bachdim, Eha, Beny, Ferry R, ​​and many others. Now, with this game, you can choose one of the players above who are ready for you to play. 

PES 6 Patch 2020 can be likened to a water source in the middle of a hot and barren desert. This game can be the best solution for you football game lovers but are constrained by the low PC specs. At least, PES 6 can be a cure for burnout during a pandemic like now. Good luck, have fun with this old school game but still fun and cool on this one. You can also invite your friends to enliven the gaming atmosphere .