PES 2015 PS3

PES 2015 PS3: Armed with an Old Engine that Provides Prime Gameplay

Learning from the failure of PES 2014, Konami seems much more serious this time in presenting his fans with his newest PES series game which he labeled PES 2015 PS3. With the launch of this latest game, Konami seems to want to ‘patch’ the various deficiencies inherent in previous generation games. Many game reviewers have commented positively on this PES 2015 game. 

Konami’s success certainly reopened the hot competition between Konami and EA Sports at that time. Many lovers of PS3 soccer games know that Konami and EA Sports have been competing in the gaming market for a long time. Both of them often produce game products that not only entertain gamers, but also sharpen the brains of gamers who play them. 

Review PES 2015 PS3


PES 2015 PS3 itself is one of the Pro Evolution Soccer game series which used to have the name Winning Eleven. This soccer game has detailed specifications and features that are very qualified in its era. Even included as FIFA Soccer’s toughest rival game, which at that time was no less exciting. You are of course curious about the advantages of specifications and features that make this game claimed to be the best game in 2015. Let’s look at the following information.

Gameplay PES 2015 PS3

The gameplay that is served is certainly much better when compared to the previous PES generation. visually, this game looks more real. The movement of each animation in the game also starts to look smoother and more real-time . 

Still collaborating with FOX as a game machine device developer, Konami is now even more serious when working on the operating system part of the game device. PES fan you may initially feel traumatized to learn that the PS3 PES 2015 is still using the engine similar to the engine used in the game device failure PES 2014. PES 2014 One of the most obvious is the performance of engine game. The gameplay that is presented is very disappointing. 

But this time was different. FOX with its newest engine makes PES 2015 much better. Not only about the precision of movements such as shooting , passing and dribbling movements of the ball that look so perfect, but the expressions and gestures of virtual players who have the same dribbling , shooting and passing style as the real players. 

Another interesting thing about the PES 2015 PS3 gameplay is that gamers will no longer encounter unnecessary movements (alay movements) that have existed in previous generation games. on the contrary, the movements seen in the game look very natural and realistic. 


Graphics are indeed an important point that can affect the success of the game after its release. Gamers will certainly make graphic points one of their main considerations when playing the game. It’s no wonder that PES 2015 PS3 and FIFA are competing to present the best graphics that are as close as possible to a match in the real world. 

Graphic quality should not only focus on the facial profiles of virtual players in the game, but should focus on the quality of minor graphics such as the movement of the player’s hair in sync with the movement of the head when running, shooting , etc. 

Another example of minor graphics that often goes unnoticed is the movement of the player’s costume which must be in sync with the player’s body movements. 

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Konami turned out to be very careful about paying attention to these little things. In fact, he also tries to present the gameplay with the facial expressions of the players and the texture of the grass that looks very real. Konami doesn’t seem to want to disappoint PES 2015 PS3 game fans for the second time. 

Virtual Audience Audio Effects with Vivid Sounds

There is also a point in the statement that was once uttered by the Glasgow Celtic coach, Jock Stein. He once said that football is meaningless without the presence of the fans. It turns out that this statement is a source of inspiration for Konami not to forget the presence of fans in the games he makes. A match will not be lively without the cheers of the fans, and Konami applies it to the PES 2015 PS3 game.

However, many game reviewers commented that the audio effect of the virtual audience’s cheers was still far behind that of EA Sports. If you have ever played FIFA, the atmosphere in the virtual stadium on the PES 2015 PS3 game is so pronounced. Even the cheers from the spectators in the stadium had certain intonations such as low, high, and rhythmic. For example, when the audience sings club chants that are very similar to the original atmosphere. 


Unlike the previous PES generations, PES 2015 PS3 only presents a soundtrack of songs that are currently hitting the billboard. For example, All for Nothing (Linkin Park) can make the gaming atmosphere even more exciting. There are also Demons (Imagine Dragon) and Best Day of My Life (American Authors) which are no less exciting.

PES 2015 PS3 is of course the choice of game that brings back Konami’s prestige which had dropped after the release of PES 2014. Even though the newest version has now been released, this game is still the right choice to treat the feeling of missing the game features above.

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