7 Game Berhadiah Pulsa!

7 Free Online Games with Credit Rewards!

Credits generating games may sound like something unrealistic to some. How can we just play Credit Prize Games to get free credit? In fact, there are currently many money-making applications and games that are used by several groups as a source of additional income. Here are some of the free online games with credit rewards.

The prizes you get in the game also vary. Starting from smartphones, shopping vouchers, GoPay balances, and the most targeted ones are free credits. Are you curious about what? Come on, see the recommendations for the complete ApkVenue version of the best credit-producing applications and games below, gang.

Do you like playing online games?

This is certainly a super addictive hobby. Have you ever thought about playing games for money?

Playing online games is always a lot of fun. All gamers who want to get credit prizes out there can take advantage of playing games and get big prizes. This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job or spend a lot of time playing games.

But if you just sit around waiting without trying the fun games in this article, it will only be a waste of time. You can immediately try playing online games and get credit that you can use to surf the internet.

The number of companies that are willing to give credit while playing games is not that many. But do you know what is best? These fun games are all free!

No need to spend money, you just have to play and win.

Well, let’s get started!

Recommended Applications and Games with Free Credit Prizes on Android

Playing online gambling games in your spare time is a fun activity, especially now that there are a wide selection of online multiplayer games that you can play with friends.

However, what if it’s not just entertaining but can also generate credit which is certainly useful for buying internet quota, for example?

That’s why you can try this recommended money-making game application. Not only eliminating boredom, you can also fill your time more productively with games that generate credit.

How to Play the Fastest Credit Generating Game

Online games with credit rewards does have its own rules that you need to follow to be able to collect credit quickly.

The only easiest way to play the game to get credit quickly is by following all the events offered in this application as well as this game.

Each online game app that generates credits has a different system. But, on average they apply the same pattern to make you spend longer in the game.

Follow the play instructions as outlined in the game. Don’t forget to also explore the application to find missions that may be hidden. Already the tips, let’s immediately watch the game.

1. HAGO Credit Generating Game

Free Online Games with Credit Rewards

The first and most popular money-producing game in Indonesia is HAGO which can also be categorized as a social media application. This is because players can interact with other people in it. HAGO contains a collection of games with more than 80 fun games and you can play with other people around you, gang.

To get credit in this game, you can follow a segment called HAGO Money Tree where you have the opportunity to get credit that’s sent directly to your phone number.

2. MAGER – For Anti-Gabut Prizes

If you want to play the fastest credit-generating game, there is a game called MAGER that you can rely on to get lots of free credit.

Similar to HAGO, this MAGER application contains a collection of fast and smart fighting games where by winning this game you will be rewarded with points that can be exchanged for credits.

You can also exchange these points for a number of GoPay balances that you can buy credit by using the GoBills menu in the application. Even though it is considered a new game application, MAGER has been installed by more than 50 thousand users so you don’t need to be afraid if you want to try the features of MAGER, a game with credit prizes.

3. AppNana – Free Gift Cards

The next credit prize game is AppNana which gives you prizes in the form of gift cards or vouchers. Even though it doesn’t generate credit directly, this voucher is still useful, you know.

For example, to top up UC PUBG Mobile, fill Steam balances, buy games on Google Play, to fill up a PayPal balance that you can cash into money, gang. To get prizes in the AppNana application, you only need to do the task by downloading the application provided in it.

You can also play online slot games to get points which are known as Pineapples. By creating an account you can already get 10,000 Pineapples and 400 Pineapples for each daily login.

4. Make Money: Cash Rewards & Gift Cards

An online game that generates credits, Make Money: Cash Rewards & Gift Cards, allows you to be able to get money to be sent via your PayPal account, gang.

To earn money, you just need to do a few simple tasks. Like watching videos, trying free apps, completing surveys, giving opinions, and more.

With guaranteed liquidity, it’s no wonder that this money making game has positive reviews on Google Play with more than 1 million downloads, you know. Come on, hurry and play games and get credit!

5. Billionaire Board, Game with Credit and Quota Prizes

This game with Billionaire Board credit prizes gives its users a mission to collect as many coins as possible and get attractive prizes every day.

In this Billionaire Board game you will play as a pirate captain with a mission to beat other players to collect points. This online slot game with credit prizes allows you to get credit starting from 10 thousand rupiah to 100 thousand rupiah depending on the number of coins you collect, gang.

6. PopSlide

The next recommendation is PopSlide, a game that generates credit with a cashback mechanism that provides a number of prizes from user purchases. Here you can get credit or balance for online shopping in various trusted Indonesian online shopping applications.

The requirements for getting the prize are simple. Apart from shopping, you can also play credit-generating games through daily roulette, minigames, take surveys, and play quizzes.

By fulfilling these requirements, you will be able to collect a number of points which can be exchanged for prizes. It’s easy and interesting, right to play one of the fastest credit-generating games.

7. Jackpot Fishing

judi slot online

The next game to get credit is Jackpot Fishing-Casino Slot which invites you to play fishing games, gangs. The difference is, here you are not fishing to get fish. But, you can get various prizes for free.

To do this, you just have to take part in a tournament, which is divided into Free Tournaments and Gem Tournaments. Each tournament has loyalty points that can be exchanged for real prizes.

You can get credit prizes, to smartphones and mirrorless cameras in this Jackpot Fishing game, gang.

Games Prize Credit Not Included in the Gambling Category

Unlike people imagined, all of the games above are not online gambling games that involve deposit money . In a minimal amount as usually required by a number of online gambling sites. But in terms of excitement, of course this game with credit prizes is less exciting than the tension that exists in various online gambling games.

We do not recommend that you start gambling. However, based on the results of our interviews with several players in the multibillion-scale online betting game industry, it turns out that there are very many enthusiasts. Even reaching thousands of people per day.

Why is that?

Most people wonder why those who are affected by internet gambling, choose to gamble online rather than gamble at a real casino. If casino gambling and horse racing are so widely available, why do people choose to gamble online? Based on the results of a special study involving 1,920 participants who took part in quantitative and qualitative surveys on the internet.

The main reason for choosing internet gambling, is because of the convenience, comfort and security offered by the organizer.

However, I consider it only a discourse that is not completely true. Gambling in an area is not legalized in any form, indicating there is no safe place for its users. Legal certainty will continue to be the apparatus’ effort to enforce existing regulations.

Some Popular Play and Win Game Sites

With the motto Play and Win , here you can play slot games, arcades, puzzles, matching games, card games and other multiplayer games. You can also enter tournaments and challenges to earn extra prize points.

On this website, there are 100+ online games offered. Here, you can play against other gamers in a variety of interesting games which are certainly not included in gambling.

The main motive of playing in online gaming sites

You will be compensated for every competition you win. Every player can enjoy more benefits and winnings become more profitable. However, you will need to pay a deposit in order for your membership to be upgraded. If your goal is to make a little money playing the game, then there’s no need to upgrade.

Strive to be a winner

Everyone wants to win, striving to win is motivation. To produce victories in playing games, it is clear that you need to struggle. Of course it takes skill and technique in playing the game, and learning it is a struggle.

It should be remembered that all forms of online games are only intended for entertainment, so that the negative impact of playing online games does not lead to negative things. The most important thing is not to make online gaming a must.


What can be concluded from the research results, it turns out that people who admit to playing games over the internet excessively state that they prefer to play online because of the speed and nature of online gaming which is anonymous without being difficult. This means that they can bet at their own pace without outside intervention or other distraction.

These findings prove that most of those who play online games prefer to continue playing over the internet, rather than going to the actual gaming scene.

This post does not guarantee that you will be rewarded with continuous credit, but it does offer something different. Namely a list of online games that offer prizes that you can easily get. Since there is potential for income in this business, the time you spend playing these exciting games will certainly be worth it.