PES 2017 PlayStation 3 Store

PES 2017 PlayStation 3 Store Plus A Brief Review of its 9 Latest Features

Konami is a genius. Football game lovers around the world must be very familiar with this one name. Konami is a soccer maker game that is so consistent with his works in the form of a series of soccer games including ps3 soccer games with various series. Pro Evolution Soccer or known by the abbreviation PES is its flagship soccer game product. PES 2017 PlayStation 3 Store will be one of Konami’s games to be reviewed today. Curious? Come on, let’s look at the following information. 

A Brief Review Regarding the PES 2017 PlayStation 3 Store 

PES 2017 PlayStation 3 Store

PES 2017 PlayStation 3 is one of the soccer game series by Konami which was released on September 13, 2016. Basically, this game is the result of an upgrade from the previous generation game, PES 2015. It’s just that there are some features added and there are also some features that were previously. already in PES 2015 and then updated with more sophisticated technology products.

PES 2017 PlayStation 3 can of course be played on several recent platforms such as Xbox 360, PS3, and PC with support for certain operating systems. Konami once said that in this game, gamers will be spoiled with a qualified engine quality. 

The quality of a good engine is of course the key to the performance of a game. Still sourced from Konami himself, he said that the PES 2017 PlayStation 3 store had experienced quality improvements in goal keeping and ball passes. This improvement can be seen from the quality of the animation movement which is very responsive and smooth. 

Not only that, Konami said that PES 2017 PlayStation 3 has been equipped with 6 new features and 3 features that have been embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can continue to adapt. Well, instead of being curious, let’s just look at the detailed information.

The Control Reality feature on the PES 2017 PlayStation 3 Store

At PES 2017 PlayStation 3, Konami introduced a new feature called Control Reality. This feature is very special because with this feature, gamers can perform 3 main movements that are common in soccer games, namely dribbling , shooting , and passing . These movements will look very real thanks to this control reality feature . 

Football lovers must be very familiar with the dribbling , shooting , or passing movements that your idols usually do. For example, Christiano Ronaldo has a different ball dribling style from Lionel Messi. Well, the dribbling style of each player will be shown in great detail in this game. This feature really helps gamers to recognize the dribbling style of their idol players. 

Precise Pass feature on PES 2017 PlayStation 3 Store

Konami, through the PES 2017 PlayStation 3 game, also introduced another new feature, namely the precise pass feature, which is nothing but a combination of the real ball motion and the real touch version of the movement. This combination then creates the same precision and speed as the speed of the ball in real-world matches. the conditions presented are also made as real as possible with the conditions in the real world, including the most appropriate position to provide bait. 

Features for Goal Keeping

The PES 2017 PlayStation 3 store is also equipped with features that allow gamers to play optimally in the goal area and its surroundings. Konami has certainly added new moves for better goal keeping. With these new moves, it will be difficult for your opponent to break into the goal. 

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Total Team Control feature

This feature also has a very important role. Why? Because with this feature, gamers are treated to 2 choices when playing the PES 2017 PlayStation 3 Store game, namely choosing to defend or vice versa, to attack. 

Fitur Advanced Instructions

Well, this one feature is also very unique. Games can apply the tactics or strategies they want to play. There are two tactics or strategies commonly played in soccer games, namely tight marking and tiki-taka. Gamers are free to use any tactic thanks to this feature. 

Fitur Corner Kicks Strategies

As the name implies, this feature allows gamers to choose a strategy to ward off corner kicks from opponents. For example, the zone marking strategy or man to man in the PES 2017 PlayStation 3 Store game. On the other hand, when the gamer gets the opportunity to take a corner kick, he can choose and arrange the player to make any movement so that the team can score a goal. Wow, looks like it’s going to be even more exciting. 

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence 

Well, this feature is the most advanced feature. This feature allows gamers to duel with fellow gamers as the opposing party. Playing alone is certainly very boring because the game pattern tends to be monotonous. The fact will be different with this Adaptive AI feature. In essence, with the support of this feature, the PES 2017 PlayStation 3 store will be much smarter. Get ready to slam the PS stick, I think.

Fitur Authentic Visuals & Fitur Natural Player Movement

These two features have changed the visualization and movement of the virtual players to look very real like the real players. Wow, the more sophisticated the PES 2017 PlayStation store game is. 

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