PES 2020 PS3

PES 2020 PS3 With 4 Main Features

As of September 2019, Konami has released its newest Pro Evolution Soccer series game which he labeled PES 2020. This game is also known as E-Football Pro Evolution Soccer. Just like its predecessor generations, PES 2020 PS3 features a much higher quality gameplay. This game also has complete supporting features with the addition of the latest technology. 

PES 2020 PS3: The 19th Generation Made by Konami

PES 2020 PS3

PES 2020 PS3 is none other than the game in the 19th series made by Konami, whose predecessor games are still in demand until now. It’s just that these games have gone through an upgrade process so that they are still cool and exciting even though they are played in a more modern era like today. 

The most surprising thing about the release of PES 2020 PS3 was when Konami proudly mentioned EA Sports, who turned out to be a partner in the making of this latest game . EA Sports released an official license for this game. Especially for this game, EA Sports is no longer a competitor. Are you curious about what changes you can find in the PES 2020 game, which is now labeled EA Sports? Let’s look at the detailed information below. 

Realistic PES 2020 PS3 Gameplay

Did you know, in this PES 2020 PS3 game Konami has added one senior player who will definitely make the gameplay even more exciting to play. Here, Andres Iniesta is ready to enliven the game with his signature passing technique. This senior player is also ready to provide feedback and is good at reading game situations. Of course this will only happen in the gameplay version, not the real match. 

So, for PES 2020, there is another key Barcelona player who has subscribed to the main cover of PES, namely Lionel Messi. Again and again; Messi was lined up as the main figure in this game. Gamers will often see Messi on the cover of PES 2020 standard edition. 

PES 2020 PS3

Konami also released the legendary edition of PES 2020 PS3 where he placed the former best Barca player and Brazilian national team player Ronaldinho. Well, specifically for this legend edition, there are several features that are made different. In terms of price, of course, it is different.

Back to the quality points of the gameplay display that is so realistic. There is one element that makes PES 2020 PS3 the best gameplay display, namely elements that support the smooth operation of the one touch technique which is equipped with new technology. 

This one touch technique has a significant role in the quality of gameplay. For example, questions about movements and expressions / expressions shown by the players. Ronaldinho, for example, is very well known for his passing and dribbling skills .

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With this onetouch support, gamers will see the virtual version of Ronaldinho looking so much like the real Ronaldinho while showing off his dribbling and passing skills . The details of the dribbling and passing movements look so flexible, smooth, and very realistic. 

Figure Manager in Master League Mode

This new feature is unique because gamers can create their own interview sessions for players and club managers with animations that look similar to the real figures. It’s just that this feature can be used if gamers access the Master League mode in the game. 

This feature can also display a list of the player’s transfer market complete with transfer fee info, the amount of the player’s salary, etc. according to the original information. Gamers can also select and display the sponsor logo which is usually displayed in player & manager interview sessions in front of the press. 

It seems that Konami also presents 3 legendary former manager figures such as Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, and Zico as the choice of club managers that gamers can choose. So here gamers may choose a manager who has been prepared as a gamers club manager. Of course this is very interesting. 

New Mode: Match Day

PES 2020 PS3 also carries a new mode, namely Matchday which is able to filter various matches into more competitive matches. With this new mode, the points that gamers can successfully get will be calculated. The result will be an asset to compete with gamers with a large calculation of points. Well, these gamers will later be included in bigger matches, for example the quarter-finals, semifinals, and finals. 

The final round played by each camp of gamers can later be watched streaming using this new Matchday mode. Of course, this match is eagerly awaited by you lovers of the PES 2020 PS3 game.

So, for those who haven’t tried the fun of the PES 2020 PS3 game at all, hurry up and get this PES 2020 game on the PlayStation Store. You just have to choose the standard edition game or the legend edition that you will buy and play. Both of them are really fun. 

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