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The Mississippi Grind Movie: The Gambling Player’s Bankruptcy

Mississippi Grind movie is a film that tells about two gamblers. Released in 2015, this film is popular with many drama addiction lovers . Even though it tells about gambling addiction, this film doesn’t sound like a cliché.

Mississippi Grind movie was worked on by two of the best directors in their fields. The two directors who are also the writers of this script are Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. They provide other elements in the film so that the gambling addiction drama is more natural.

Story of Gambling in The Mississippi Grind Movie

The Mississippi Grind Movie

This film tells Gerry, played by Ben Mendelsohn and Curtis, played by Ryan Reynolds. Gerry is an addicted gambling player. He really likes the game of poker. Even though he has learned many tricks and playing strategies, one day he loses and goes bankrupt.

As a result of this bankruptcy, Gerry was trapped in debt. In addition, his business efforts also stopped. It didn’t stop there, he then had a bad relationship with his son and ex-wife.

He felt hopeless because he had lost everything. Then came Curtis in Garry’s life. Garry saw Curtis as lucky. He also invited Curtis to take a trip to New Orleans. This trip is of course to play poker gambling.

Curtis had a lot of money at stake and Gerry had a strategy for playing poker. Then there they come to the biggest poker competition. They then went on a road trip across the Mississippi River. This trip is filled with drama in it so that it shows the character of each character.

These two characters have very different characters. Gerry is a gloomy character, but with purpose. So that his life has a lot of burdens and a factor in his defeat in gambling. Meanwhile, Curtis is a cheerful person. He has a lot of luck even though he doesn’t have a clear purpose in life.

So that both of them have a match to complement each other. Their gambling journey has ups and downs together. While enjoying the trip, they stopped by many bookies.

The story conflicts that fluctuate in this film make the players feel the emotions. Until the end of the story, the two of them finally find their respective goals in life.

Mississippi Grind Movie, the Story of Gambling Brought to the Prestigious Big Screen Movie

In some community groups, gambling activities are prohibited. However, bringing up this issue in the film was not a bad decision. This film about gambling addiction to the point of bankruptcy actually shows how corrupt the system in gambling is.

Through Mississippi Grind movie tells of how a person can lose everything after gambling. The film was first shown at the Sundance Film Festival. This first release was held on January 24, 2015.

Four days after its release, A24 films and DirecTV Cinema received distribution rights. On 4 July 2015, the film was shown at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival . After more than half a year of release, the Melbourne International Film Festival screened the film on 1 August 2015.

The proud thing about the release of this film is that it was shown at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. This festival is a prestigious event for international cinema.

Mississippi Grind Movie’s Long film Production Process, Comes from the idea of ​​gambling

The success of the Mississippi Grind movie in various prestigious events cannot be separated from the efforts of the two directors. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are well known in the world of drama films. The second idea came up in 2012 during a film discussion.

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On January 7, 2013, Ben Mendelsohn was invited to join this project. Initially he played Gyllenhaal. One month later, Panorama Media together with Electric City Entertainment announced that they would produce this film.

Ryan Reynolds then joined, taking the lead role as a gambler. She joined on June 27, 2013. While waiting for the concept to mature, Sienna Miller also joined as one of the main female characters on November 6, 2013.

This Mississippi Grind movie then began production in January 2014 and then in New Orleans according to the place setting in the film. In addition, the filming took place in several different places. Like Alabama in March 2014. Another place to be filmed is Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The place that is the next mandatory location is the Mississippi River. This location is a crucial place where the two main characters spend their gambling journey here.

Several international artist figures were involved in this film. In addition to the main character, the names Analeigh Tipton, Lauren Gros, and Alfre Woodard also appear as actors in this film.

The estimated cost used in the production of this film is around 6 million US dollars, equivalent to Rp. 86 billion. With this long production process, the Mississippi Grind movie received a rating of 6.4 on IMDb, and become one of the best gambling movies ever. Some movie lovers have their own views on this film.

To be sure, this Mississippi Grind movie that tells of gambling addiction is perfect to watch to spend the weekend. Good luck!

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